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Learning Delight!Programs begin at Astronomy Delight! Franchise locations

January 2009

Learning DelightLearning Delight! programs are underway! From subjects such as geology and meteorology, through creative topics as "Jewelry Design", "How Medieval Castles Are Built", "What Makes A Battery Work",  "How Airplanes Fly" or "How Big Trucks Operate", Learning Delight! programs are more than educational and entertaining fare for all ages and groups!

Can you imagine...
An extensive portfolio of fun, exciting, interesting, and imaginative educational topics from the fields of
art, science, humanities, even peoples personal life experiences? All specifically individually designed for the level of understanding of the student and that are virtually guaranteed to stimulate the interest and natural inquisitiveness of children and adults of all ages and walks of life?

Learning Delight! programs and topic offerings incorporate the same proven and inspiring teaching philosophies and methods used throughout all Astronomy Delight! program offerings, and are designed to increase student self esteem, and educational awareness, while fostering a life long love of learning.

Schools and Organizations are encouraged to inquire early about availability and semester scheduling.