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Tele Vue Named Exclusive Supplier to Astronomy Delight!

January 1, 2007

Astronomy Delight! announced today that Tele Vue Optics Inc. of Chester, New York, a world-wide leader in high quality astronomical telescopes, has been named exclusive supplier of refractor telescopes in the Astronomy Delight! Resorts of Inspiration program.
The company was solicited for their well known and outstanding reputation for producing innovative quality astronomical instruments, and their unwavering commitment to their customers.

According to Astronomy Delight! company founder and CEO Ed Forrest, anyone who has first hand experience in the field of astronomy is familiar with the outstanding reputation of the Tele Vue company, and the unsurpassed quality instruments they produce. The people in our company have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in actual astronomical observing and in our opinion, without exception, Tele Vue optics produces the type of exceptional, high quality instrumentation our resort program partners deserve for their guests.

All Astronomy Delight! programs emphasize what many amateur and professional astronomers alike fondly term the "wow" factor when introducing people of all ages to the wonders of astronomy. Anyone who has gazed at the moon, the rings of Saturn, a star cluster, or any of the variety of magnificent objects throughout the night sky through a Tele Vue instrument  immediately experiences the "wow" factor, and often embarks on a life long journey of discovery.

All of our Astronomy Delight! locations throughout the countryare deeply honored to have Tele Vue as a supplier to our company.