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About Us



Inspiration, Imagination, Education

Astronomy Delight! is a unique, fun, and entertaining REAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE!


Astronomy Delight! offers a variety of affordable programs, events, school offerings, and courses designed to open the wonders of the natural universe to people of ALL AGES!

Many people have attended events such as star parties given by clubs and organizations, taken really academically involved astronomy courses, visited planetariums, or have participated in after school or enrichment programs where they have witnessed an entertaining demonstration. We have also and find that many people, especially children, quickly loose interest in both science and astronomy after doing so. Why? In our opinion the reason is simple....Lack of imagination, a redundancy of academic explanation, and lack of enthusiasm by those attempting to share it!

Nothing is more boring than learning about something that does not "fire the imagination" or is so seemingly complex that learning about it would appear more like work than fun. Astronomy is the oldest science. The science of both fact and imagination and should be taught and explained to those interested in learning about it by using the time tested, proven methods of inquisition that the ancient peoples themselves used.

Simple, non-technical, real-life concept demonstration and SIMPLE OBSERVATION OF THE UNIVERSE!
Astronomy Delight! strives to do just that.

Many famous astronomers and scientists were never exposed to what appears to be typical "fare" in the world of astronomy today. Galileo himself never saw a computer driven telescope at a star party, viewed Pisces the fish in the sky within the constellations, or even imagined a CCD camera, orthoscopic eyepiece, or sat through a planetarium show where the instructor babbled on about the ecliptic while pointing to imaginary pictures in the sky that leaves the audience so frustrated that they couldn't see what he told them they should! Yet Galileo's imagination and enthusiasm about this fascinating science allowed him to learn, understand, and pass on to others the extensive knowledge he had acquired by himself, through his own imagination, enthusiasm and observation of the universe.

Whether a day or night party or event given at your home , school, camp or during our observational orientated course offerings given under dark skies in surrounding communities throughout the year, Astronomy Delight! provides telescopes, slides, props and all materials to entertain and

Arouse the imagination within!

Fun and entertaining slide shows, lectures, and experiments are sure to enrich the participants understanding of the universe, while whenever possible actual hands on day and night astronomical observing is done through a variety of large telescopes.

I have been an active amateur astronomer for over 45 years and have lectured and taught numerous children, teens, teachers, and adults at schools, planetariums, events, book stores, homes and star parties throughout the community on the wonders of astronomy.

I hope you will consider the Astronomy Delight! experience!


Ed Forrest
Founder, Astronomy Delight!