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Immersion Programs

What's an immersion program?

An immersion program is a total all-encompassing hands-on study of the wonders of the universe and astronomy geared for all age groups.

Why do so many educationally astute parents and teachers embrace the philosophy of immersion education? works! For example.

Typical science education found in many school curriculums revolve around the basic introduction of a subject in one grade, a further study of the same subject in the next several grades, and a more advanced study of the subject in higher grade levels. Unfortunately, many students exposed to a subject forget the basics by the time the study is commenced again during the next higher grade level.

Not only does this lead to a redundancy of subject matter and waste of precious instruction time during reviews of previously covered subject matter, but more importantly, students often become frustrated and loose interest in learning either by covering the same subject matter again, or by not being able to follow the basic academic flow of learning further about a subject due to long breaks in instruction.

For example: Children are often introduced to a very basic study of space and astronomy in elementary school. A brief overview of the earth, the sun as a star, and the other planets of our solar system are the norm. Most children embrace this exciting subject matter as many are exposed to space through movies, and television. Yet it is not until later grades that this excitement of learning about the universe is further discussed in more depth, or at the higher grade levels do enthused children possibly even have the chance to actually observe the universe through a telescope.

Astronomy Delight! immersion programs are designed to capture and foster the child's and adult's excitement and enthusiasm of learning
by continuing to provide a more encompassing in-depth knowledge of astronomy and science all at the same time!

Can you imagine...
children as young as age six have learned many aspects of high school astronomy and science just because the instructor kept teaching while the child was enthused!

Experience the ultimate in real fun, exciting, and inspiring science and astronomy education!
Hands-on instruction - real-time large telescope celestial observing - guest speakers

*To book an immersion program for your group or organization please
contact the Astronomy Delight! location nearest you today
so coordinated instructor, equipment, travel, and lodging accommodations can be arranged!

*Minimum group size and fees apply - programs durations last from 2 days to several weeks - instruction location booking (campgrounds, facilities, etc.) and reservations are the responsibility of the organization