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Otis Finley
Astronomy Delight!
Benicia, California

Astronomy Delight! welcomes our newest franchise owner, Otis Finley from Benicia, California. The son of a Tuskegee airman (one of those greatest generation airmen who served in World War Two), Otis has had an interest in astronomy since childhood. Raised on the east coast, Otis moved to sunny California in 1968 and brings an extensive amount of unique experience to our organization. A Physics major at the University of Rochester, and biology major at San Francisco State, Otis has always sought out the adventures that life has to offer. From operating room technician passing
instruments, stagehand in the theater and movies building sets, designer and installer of telecommunications networks for a contractor to Apple Computer, to a geological field assistant with the USGS in Menlo Park, CA, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, and aboard the RV/ Sea Sounder in the North Atlantic, Alaska and Bering Sea, Otis’s love of science and adventure is sure to become a great asset not only to his Astronomy Delight! business, but Learning Delight! as well. 

An avid wood worker, and sailor since 1970, Otis created and ran a sail training program for school kids aboard a 52' Alden designed ketch, while taking time out to rock climb in Yosemite Valley and the Sierras, where he twice climbed Mount Whitney. Otis plans to build a backyard observatory to supplement his Astronomy Delight! program offerings. He lives with his wife Nanci and son Tahir, who according to Otis, are more than enthusiastic to assist in his new venture!



Steve and Karen Buttner
Astronomy Delight!
Airville, Pennsylvania

Astronomy Delight! welcomes another retired U.S. Navy Veteran and his wife to our team with the inclusion of Steve and Karen Buttner of Airville, Pennsylvania into our rapidly growing organization. Steve is an electrical engineer by trade who has worked in the aerospace industry while  employed by such companies as Martin Marrietta and Westinghouse. Prior to his retirement from the Navy, Steve served over 20 years sailing five of the seven seas as a sonar engineer on nuclear ballistic (those big "boomers" who carry the nukes to vaporize the bad guys) and fast attack submarines. A lover of astronomy since childhood when his fascination with Neil Armstrong and the Apollo missions led to a lifelong interest in science and engineering, Steve is also a past vice president of the Baltimore Astronomical Society (oldest astronomical society in the United States), and a former member of the Army National Guard. Steve's hobbies include a passion for physics, geology, math (ug!), electronic engineering, and optics. His wife Karen loves to crochet and is an avid  lover of the nature which surrounds their home in York county Pennsylvania.


David and Kathy McAllister
Astronomy Delight!McAllister
Springfield, Missouri

Veterans love Astronomy Delight! That’s why we are pleased to welcome our newest franchise owners, former Navy Veterans David and Kathy McAllister of Springfield, Missouri.

Dave hails from Southern California and credits his grandfather for instilling a love of nature and the outdoors deep in his soul. An avid naturalist and environmentalist, Dave developed and infinity for the ocean and sky as a child where he quickly realized that a pair of binoculars and a cheap department store telescope would open the heavens to a lifetime hobby of wonder and inspiration.

A decorated Viet Nam Veteran who literally has sailed the world, Dave retired after serving 24 years in the United States Navy (his wife Kathy served over 14!), where he honed his skills in celestial navigation while at sea and as an Naval instructor in a variety of technical disciplines while stationed on shore.

With the call of the sea and his love of astronomy in his inquisitive mind, after retirement from the Navy, Dave and his wife spent some time under the star lit skies of the South Pacific where he worked as an assistant manager of Windjammer Cruises in such exotic ports of call as Guam, Cebu, Saipan, and the Mariana Islands.

Upon their return to the United States Dave’s adventurous spirit directed him to embrace the call of the road and he entered the transportation industry as a long haul trucker who established an incredible record of over four million safe driving miles! With his love of astronomy beckoning, and not one to “push his luck” with the 4 million mile record, Dave decided to “park the truck” for an easier job, with the freedom to spend time with his family when he read our Astronomy Delight! franchise advertisement in Astronomy Magazine at a rest stop somewhere on the lonesome highways of the United States.

Lovers of children, photography, the arts, music and of course Dave’s passion for astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics, Dave and Kathy reside in their beautiful Ozark Mountain home and have six children and ten grandchildren. 


Joe  Laherty
Astronomy Delight!

Atlanta, Georgia

 Astronomy Delight! is thrilled to have native California transplant Joe Laherty join our growing team by opening our newest franchise in Atlanta, Georgia.  Discouraged by the high costs, long hours, and regulations imposed by other franchises Joe had investigated, he believed that his dream of owning his own business had vanished until he saw our initial franchise offering advertised in Astronomy Magazine. Recognizing the growth potential, financial possibilities, obvious fun, and the personal opportunity to “make a difference” in the lives of children while still having the time to enjoy life, Joe enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to join our team. Joe has extensive travel and life experience and has lived in both California, and Washington State prior to moving to the sun belt. Father of two teenage sons, Sean and Terry,  Joe’s love of science and astronomy began at age seven when he first viewed the skies with a small 50 mm refractor and instantly became hooked on wanting to learn more about astronomy and the universe. Possessing degrees in computer science, and electronics where he worked in the industries for over 20 years, he also possesses a passion for geology and gemology. Joe dabbles in CCD astrophotography, and often can be found outside gazing at the stars through his prized six-inch refractor. Joe is a lover of children and nature and is a natural born teacher. Joe plans on expanding to both regional and master franchisee for our Astronomy Delight! and parent Learning Delight! companies.



Jason Dazio
Astronomy Delight!


Jason is a former US Army paratrooper and is employed as a technician with Comcast Corporation in Livonia Michigan. Along with his significant other Jamie, Jason decided to open his own Astronomy Delight! franchise after his brother Nick received information about acquiring a business in the Detroit Michigan area.  Realizing the potential and financial possibilities of such a large market area, and always wanting to have the freedom to operate his own part-time business, Jason jumped on board and services the Michigan South areas of our growing markets. An avid archeology enthusiast since he was a child, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise, and interest in the sciences and astronomy has proved to be a winning combination in operating his business. His goal is to expand his operation throughout the central United States as a regional manager and master franchiser of both Astronomy Delight! and the Learning Delight! companies.


GlennGlenn Weaver
Astronomy Delight!
Southern California

Glenn is a transplanted New Yorker who has lived in California for over 23 years and stumbled across the Astronomy Delight! website while surfing the web. A retired teamster, private pilot, and successful businessman who deals in collectables and 1950's and 1960's memorabilia and aviation collectables, Glenn saw the opportunities for something unique and financially lucrative in the Southern California market and decided to inquire about an Astronomy Delight! franchise. Having developed an interest in astronomy after visiting Mount Palomar observatory when he first moved to Southern California, he realized that a part-time franchise would allow him to pursue his astronomical interest's while supplementing his retirement income. A lover of kids and strong supported of better education, Glenn is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and has one son who is studying to be a musician.

John and Laura Dickinson
Astronomy Delight!
United Kingdom

Bio and picture coming soon!