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Findley Observatory acquires "First Light" in Benicia, California

Benicia Observatory

Astronomy Delight!  franchise owner Otis Findley celebrated "first light" with the grand opening of his home built observatory in Benicia, California. The opening celebration in June was attended by a huge assortment of local professional and amateur astronomers, astrophysicists, amateurs, friends, and public educators. The 10 foot diameter, 12 walled dodecagon shaped observatory was designed by Otis and constructed with help from his 15 year old son Tahir over a period of four months.

The observatory houses an 11 inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and will be used to offer a variety of new observation orientated Astronomy Delight! programs and classes to schools, scouts, and organizations throughout the local community and surrounding area.

To book programs please contact Otis directly at