Resort Opportunities

Resort Opportunities

Inspiration, Imagination, Education

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Resort Opportunities

This Year MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORLD WIDE Will Celebrate The International Year Of Astronomy...and be captivated by astronomy FOREVER!

Vacation Resort Programs are a truly unique method to stimulate the interest and imaginations of visitors and guests. Resorts are always looking to provide something to set them apart from their competition, complement a beautiful family vacation location or romantic setting.

What could be better or more relaxing than an astronomy program offering journey of stellar or constellation lore under a starlit night sky, or an informal program designed to both entertain and stimulate the inquisitive minds of kids while mom and dad relax?

Vacation resort programs are designed specifically for those businesses that want to stand out with their offerings and provide their clients with something unique and entertaining. Whether family resort, upscale hotel, or ordinary vacation location or town, resorts seldom have the opportunity to offer something so interesting and unique to their guests.

Astronomy Delight! programs are designed in conjunction with those resorts to ensure non-stop entertainment and interest is provided their clients of all ages.