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High-Volume Astronomical Equipment Manufacturers Needed

Astronomy Delight! solicits High Volume Astronomical Equipment Manufacturers in support of Resorts of Inspiration program offering
Can your company make the grade?

Equipment suppliers and manufacturers:
If you believe that your company has vision, is innovative, customer driven, and totally dedicated  to the relentless pursuit of both quality and customer satisfaction in your products, Astronomy Delight! and Learning Delight! invite you to be considered as a supplier to our companies.

To be considered you:

  • Must have either now, or in the future, high volume production (multiple hundreds units) and timely world-wide delivery capability of your product lines.
  • Must be willing to sign both confidential disclosure and non-compete agreements at the corporate level.
  • Must be willing to provide no-nonsense executive level discussion with timely decision makers.
  • Must be willing to participate in combined class action litigation with other suppliers against competitor industry piracy and confidential market disclosure if necessary.

If you believe your company has the ability to deliver and qualifies, please contact us directly at the address below with a description of your business, your product line, and your intent:

Edwin Forrest, Chief Executive Officer
Astronomy Delight!
15 Greentree Drive South
Hyde Park, New York 12538