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Sirius Obeservatories Named Supplier to Astronomy Delight!

September1, 2008

Sirius Observatories of Australia

Astronomy Delight! announced today that Sirius Observatories of Australia, a world-wide leader in high quality astronomical observatories, has been named supplier of observatory domes and related equipment in the Astronomy Delight! Resorts of Inspiration Program.
The company was solicited for their well known and outstanding reputation for producing full observatory solutions, and their unwavering commitment to quality and their customers.

According to Astronomy Delight! company founder and CEO Ed Forrest, "Anyone who has first hand experience in the field of astronomy is familiar with the outstanding reputation of Sirius Observatories, and the unsurpassed quality incorporated into their products. This is exactly what we require for our resort program partners and their guests".
All of the Astronomy Delight! locations throughout the country and the UKare deeply honored to have Sirius Observatories as a supplier to our company.