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February 2009

Dear Friends,

Once again a sincere thank you for the fantastic success, growth, and continuing recognition that both our Astronomy Delight! and Learning Delight! organizations have achieved over the past years. We are truly grateful by the incredible response we have received from parents, educators, professionals, and children themselves as to our programs, methods, and philosophies regarding our creative and innovative educational programs, and the services we provide. We have to admit that we never expected to be able to have so much fun while encouraging and inspiring people of all
But our excitement does not end there as we begin the 2009 International Year of Astronomy. This year we are aggressively entering the global arena of the astronomy and space tourism industry with the announcement of our Astronomy Delight!  Resorts of Inspiration, and our Corporate Education Outreach programs.

Selected, invitation only, upscale resorts throughout the world will be invited to participate with our company, along with those quality, dedicated, and visionary astronomy and education companies who have aligned with us, in providing our unique portfolio of fun, exciting, and inspirational offerings. In addition, we are thrilled to be able to offer custom designed and developed corporate education outreach programs to those companies in the forefront of the space tourism industry to help them develop a world-wide market for the most exciting of human experiences.   

Our new alliances with the premiere manufacturers of astronomical equipment, our partnerships with organizations, and our new franchises in both the US and Europe that are scheduled to come on board, are but the beginning of our journey to the future. 

All of us throughout the Astronomy Delight!! and Learning Delight! organizations are humbled by the possibilities which the coming years present to us. All of which could not have been made possible without the literally thousands of people who we have provided our services to and have spread the word. We sincerely thank the Mom’s and Dad’s, the children who we have taught, the professional educators, the PTA volunteers, the dedicated home school groups and co-ops, the giant names in both the professional and amateur astronomical community, and the equipment manufactures who have encouraged us along the way.

On behalf of all of us in the Astronomy Delight! and Learning Delight! organizations, a sincere thank you, and best wishes for the coming year.

Clear Skies,

Ed Forrest
Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Astronomy Delight!/Learning Delight!